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The PS4 trailer for Anthem is apparently from Xbox One X

PS4 button prompts have allegedly been put over the original.

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As you may remember from E3, EA announced the upcoming action game Anthem, and a lengthy gameplay video was displayed using the Xbox One X, a machine with superior power to Sony's PS4 Pro.

PlayStation has uploaded the same video to their official channel, claiming it runs on their console by showing PlayStation's button prompts on the game's user interface, but it turns out these had been laid on top of the Xbox prompts, as pointed out by NeoGAF user EvB.

As you can see on our screenshot below (from the official PS4 trailer), there is some seriously fishy business going on, as certain points highlight LB/RB and LT/RT appearing under the L1/R1 and L2/R2 respectively. Maybe Sony is simply confident that the game will run well on their console, but either way, this is apparently not what it claims to be.

How do you feel about this practice?


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