The Rabbids are crashing the Palace of Versailles in a new mobile app

Rabbids @ Versailles is a free mobile game that takes younger audiences on a learning experience through the iconic French gardens.

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The Rabbids really do get around. They've popped up in the Mushroom Kingdom, will be taking a trip to the stars in 2022, and as of today, they're taking their antics to France, specifically to the Palace of Versailles.

This is because Ubisoft has announced a new mobile app in partnership with the Palace of Versailles, a game that is tailored to younger audiences with the aim of taking children on a "learning experience" through the gardens through ten augmented reality mini-games.

The app is known as Rabbids @ Versailles, and is a free mobile game that has been created to not only celebrate the Rabbids 15th Anniversary but as a sponsorship for the Palace itself. As for how it plays, it's designed as a treasure hunt for families that asks players to remove the Rabbids from the Palace grounds, all whilst simultaneously following the tracks of Rabbid Louis XIV (a Rabbid version of the famed French king).

The catch with the experience is that it is only playable within the Palace grounds, as it uses geolocation to automatically activate the ten games through the application, with the games acting as a learning experience by feeding players facts about the surrounding areas while playing.

If you're planning on taking a trip to the Palace of Versailles soon, you can download the application right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store, entirely for free.

The Rabbids are crashing the Palace of Versailles in a new mobile app

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