The Sacrifice is coming to Warframe

Get into "the greatest Warframe test of all."

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The free-to-play game Warframe is getting a new story-based update called The Sacrifice, and the press release from developer Digital Extremes explains that it follows the cinematic quests The Second Dream and The War Within, bringing even more content for players.

The update lands in June and you must have played Apostasy Prologue to be able to dive into this new questline. The developers recommend that you play The Second Dream, The War Within, and Chains of Harrow too, so you can prepare for the journey and to prepare to unmask the truth in the mind-bending new chapter of Warframe's cinematic storyline.

"As dreams fade and wars quiet, the time has come to embrace the greatest Warframe test of all," the press release says.

Are you ready, Tenno?


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