Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves gets big Ships of Fortune update

The 2.0.14 patch is now live which brings new colourful items and cute pirate kittens to the stunning game.

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As announced earlier this month, and after a brief downtime for the servers to get ready, the Ships of Fortune update just arrived on the popular PC and Xbox One co-op pirate adventure Sea of Thieves. You can download the 11.42 GB/10.74 GB patch right now and with the new content live, Rare has also published its official release notes.

The theme of the new content encourages pirates to join one of the different trading companies they've been dealing with so far, including the brand-new Reaper's Bones, in the role of an emissary. In return, they'll get new rewards and cosmetics, and will be able to climb up to level 75, acquiring five new pirate titles in the process.

The update also brings more action to the PvP Arena, with treasure maps replaced by beacon-marked chests and a single cash-on location for tighter combat.

However, two of the most welcomed additions are surely the ability to revive fallen crew members (to save them and the team from the annoying respawn waiting time) and the introduction of adorable pirate cats as part of the animal crew from now on.

Sea of Thieves

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