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Tekken 7

The Tekken World Tour is returning for another bout in 2020

The enduringly popular fighting series is set to return to competitive play for a fifth season.

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The Tekken World Tour is returning for a fifth season, Namco Bandai has today confirmed, with fighting fans across the world preparing to compete for glory and the chance to be crowned world champion.

The title will be decided over more than 30 Master and Challenger events that are taking place all over the world, with players competing for rank on the Tour Leaderboard, with the top 19 players there earning a place in the finals.

The tour is set to start in Tokyo on April 4-5 (assuming coronavirus doesn't cause disruption to the schedule, something we're seeing with increasing frequency), and along the way the tour will visit EVO in Las Vegas, VSFighting X in the UK, Headstomper in Sweden, with the finals due to take place in New Orleans in December, when the best of the best will scrap over $200,000 USD and untold glory.


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