The top video game levels to satisfy your sweet tooth

To celebrate the arrival of Easter, we've counted down some of our favourite candy-themed levels in all of gaming.

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Candy-themed levels aren't commonplace within video games, but when done right they make for some of the most magical worlds to explore. These levels really encapsulate a sense of childlike joy unlike no others, and it's a real shame we don't see more of them.
With Easter now upon us, we thought we'd celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year by taking a look at some of the greatest candy-themed levels within all of gaming.

Cake Bash - The entire game

It might seem a little strange to include an entire game here, but Cake Bash had us endlessly drooling at our screens throughout. This collection of party games allows you and your friends to play as a whole variety of tasty treats including doughnuts, cupcakes, and éclairs and its mini-games are similarly dessert themed. One standout sees you try and balance as many ice cream scoops as possible and another sees you push and shove each other to try and gather up the most sprinkles.

The top video game levels to satisfy your sweet tooth

The Simpsons Game - The Land of Chocolate

The only more fitting way to kickstart a Simpsons game would be to have Homer in a fictional world of Duff beer, but EA decided to keep it PG and instead have the iconic yellow character traverse through a sugary land made out of chocolate. The creatively titled Land of Chocolate might be the closest we've ever got to having a videogame level dedicated to the less religious version of Easter, as it even featured a white chocolate rabbit that Homer had to chase across the course of the level.

Super Mario Galaxy - Rocky Road

There are many sugary sweet levels that we could have chosen from the Mario series, but it's Galaxy's Rocky Road that certainly takes the cake (okay, we admit that was pretty awful!). This scrumptious level sees Mario traverse his way across platforms carved out of solid chocolate and the concluding Gold Star is obtained by scaling the top of a double-decker sponge cake. Be careful not to miss this one though, as it can only be accessed by feeding 400 Star Bits to the Hungry Luma located next to the Terrace.

Cuphead - Sugarland Shimmy

The wacky adventures of Cuphead and Mugman took us to some unusual levels over the duration of Cuphead, but one of the levels that really stuck with us was Sugarland Shimmy. This location was packed with about every sugary sweet treat you could possibly imagine, and best of all, its boss Baroness Von Bon Bon, and even the many smaller enemies were themed to suit the colourful level on Inkwell Isle Two.

The top video game levels to satisfy your sweet tooth

Rayman Designer - Chocolate Trap

The Rayman series has had many sweet-filled levels dating back to its very first outing, but it's Designer's Chocolate Trap that stands out as its very finest. This stage sees Rayman manoeuvre his way across platforms made of candy and bridges formed out of solid chocolate. The background here is pretty mouth-watering too, as it is decorated with lollipops, candy floss-like clouds, and ice cream cones. With this world being so tasty, it's a shame that it was missed out by console players, as it was only included within Rayman Designer on the PC.

Piglet's Big Game - Pooh's Dream

It's no coincidence that a lot of sweet-related video game levels are actually tied to dreaming. Sure, we've already mentioned Homer's Land of Chocolate, but let's not forget about Pooh's Dream from Piglet's Big Game. There's a pretty big chance you haven't got round to playing this one, but what you're missing is a level packed with sweets, cookies, chocolate, syrup, and even a bunch of the cast from Winnie the Pooh. With the entire level designed to make your mouth water and blood sugar skyrocket, this one is definitely a level for those with a sweet tooth.

Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain

This one is a slight trick because Sonic Colors' Sweet Mountain isn't solely designed around sweet treats, but more so unhealthy foods. The level that is based around a large mountain of sugary and fast foods is essentially a giant confectionery, fit with Egg Pawns rocking chef's hats and whisks as weapons. Sonic might be content with sticking to his chili dogs, but a mountain of fatty, sugary treats was more than enough to make this one stick with us.

The top video game levels to satisfy your sweet tooth

Little Big Planet 2 - Brainy Cakes

Before Media Molecule handed the Little Big Planet staff off to Sumo Digital, it created Little Big Planet 2, a charming game that featured a rather strange take on a sugary game level. Brainy Cakes was a more morbid version of the colourful levels we had come to know, and it was set in a grim, off-coloured bakery infested with "deviant meanie cake half-bakes." With a range of treat-themed collectibles to nab over this unsettlingly level, Brainy Cakes may not be the most welcoming, but it sure hit the right spot when it came to making our tummies rumble.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Cocoa Station

Epic Yarn's arts and crafts aesthetic blends wonderfully with the dessert theme here in Cocoa Station. You play as Kirby as he has transformed into a train, and you must use the Wii's motion controls to sketch out a path ahead. Despite the fact that Kirby's Epic Yarn looks like it has been knitted to life, this level features a whole list of sweet treats from cookies to ice cream, and even enough frosting to make the most experienced bakers weak in the knees.

Mario Kart 8 - Sweet Sweet Canyon

Sweet Sweet Canyon is one of those tracks within Mario Kart 8 where you'll often find yourself distracted by the scenery and slamming into the barriers. What we love about this track is that it really does resemble a living and breathing world made from candy. There are trees that are made from ice cream cones, a syrup filled lake that you'll drive under, and there is also a crowd of gingerbread people at the side of the track to help cheer you on.

The top video game levels to satisfy your sweet tooth

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