The Witness

The Witness devs tease their next game

From drawing lines to pushing objects.

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Jonathan Blow's latest games, Braid and The Witness, have been quite successful, so we're eagerly awaiting any news about the next project in store for us. Imagine our surprise, then, when we heard not only a bit more about the project, but also got a look at what it plays like too.

During his Reboot Develop 2017 presentation Blow showed off a prototype of the game he's working on, and we got to see a small man running around a grid-based area while pushing boxes, so it definitely seems like another puzzle game. Obviously, this was just a very early prototype, so the visuals are far from finished, but still, we'll take every bit of information we can get about the talented studio's next project.

Do you have faith this box-pushing game can be just as entertaining?

The Witness

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