There is no workaround for Overwatch cheaters

Not even buying new copies or playing on a VPN will get you off the hook.

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A little while back, Blizzard made a stern promise regarding Overwatch - that anyone caught cheating would be permanently banned on the spot. They've been living up to their promises, and anyone found to be a cheater has been taken offline quickly.

PC Gamer have done some digging around the forums, and have found that one player has been trying to find any workarounds possible, just so that he can enjoy the game without using cheats anymore. "Got banned one day after the official release," the cheater wrote. "Bought the game again... didn't hack on it at all, just wanted to enjoy the game a bit. Two days later — banned again."

Even after buying the game twice more, and playing behind a VPN with a new hard drive ID, MAC address and BiosDate, he was still banned. It seems Blizzard really did mean what they said, and any 'convicted' cheater will certainly be put through their paces should they want to play the game again.

If you'd like to improve at the game without using any cheats, perhaps you could check out one of our many Overwatch guides, to help you get a fair advantage over the enemy.


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