There will be no microtransactions in Biomutant

Just in case you were worried, Experiment 101 has confirmed that there'll be no in-game purchases.

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We really don't like microtransactions anymore than you do, dear readers, and it really is an unfortunate part of the video game industry right now. Fortunately, however, more and more games are using their lack of microtransactions as a selling point, and now we can add yet another game to that list.

This time it's the Studio Head and founder of Experiment 101, Stefan Ljungqvist, who said in a recent interview with Well-Played that there is one feature that will be missing from the game - but it's one that we think 99.99% of you will be perfectly fine with:

"We'll definitely not have microtransactions in our game."

Thank you, sir, we appreciate it!

Biomutant launches later this autumn for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not only that, but we recently shared our own interview with Ljungqvist, wherein he said the following about possible versions of Biomutant on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X:

"Let me say this: you will be able to play Biomutant on your new console."


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