Minecraft Dungeons

There's a Diablo 2 easter egg in Minecraft Dungeons

Diablo 2 fans can find some easter egg magic in Mojang's Minecraft RPG Minecraft Dungeons.

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The new action-RPG from Mojang Studios (Mojang changed its name just a few days ago) offers added innovation to the classic "block experience" that we have known and come to love through these 10 years. Recently, Lords of Gaming noticed an Easter Egg dedicated to Diablo 2 in the game. But how can you access it? Simply complete the game on all difficulties and cross a drawbridge located near the main camp.

Once traversed, players have the opportunity to explore a temple that features several pixel art portraits of the developers and solve an environmental puzzle by acquiring ten runes. Once the puzzle is solved, players are sent to a hidden area populated by ... killer cows.

This is an Easter Egg inspired by Diablo 2, which will surely be recognised (and loved) by fans of both games. Minecraft Dungeons is landing tomorrow on May 26 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft Dungeons

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