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League of Legends

Third place goes to Suning in LPL Summer Split 2020

The team earned the spot by defeating LGD Gaming 3-0.

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Suning's journey within the LPL Summer Split 2020 has come to an end with the team earning itself a spot in third position and a prize of approximately $72,000.

The team defeated LGD Gaming 3-0 to earn itself the bronze spot within the popular League of Legends competition.

Things might be over for Suning, but the LPL Summer Summer still rages on, as the grand finals are due to take place later today. This final phase of the competition will see JD Gaming take on Top Esports for a shot at the $290,000 grand prize.

Who do you think will finally be crowned the winner of this year's Summer Split?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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