Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

This is what PES 2019 looks like in 4K on Xbox One X

We a game featuring Schalke 04 and AS Monaco.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 released the other day in America and will debut tomorrow in Europe, and if Xbox One is your system of choice for Konami's football we can now show you how the game looks on the most powerful console there is.

The following clip captures a full match between two of the newly announced partner clubs, Schalke 04 and AS Monaco. With the 4K, 60 fps video you can spot every little detail added to the Veltins Arena stadium, the new grass & lighting systems, or the new player faces and animations...

But if your device does not support 4K, here's another version scaled down to 1080p60:

The new entry plays even better than last year - stay tuned to Gamereactor's front page for our soon-to-be-dropped PES 2019 review.

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