This year's Grid "is the Grid you know and love"

This year's Grid "is the Grid you know and love"

We spoke to game director Chris Smith at Gamescom, and have some new gameplay of our own to share as well.

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Earlier this year Codemasters unveiled Grid, a return for the franchise that keeps the name simple while also bringing us the same racing action, and this was a sentiment echoed by game director Chris Smith when we spoke to him at Gamescom this year.

"Look, we're very keen to make sure people realise that this is the Grid they know and love, the one that came out and innovated," he said. "The short version to the long answer of why people should care about this is, for us, motorsport is unpredictable, motorsport is interesting. When I watch it, when I go there and watch it on TV or I go see it live, I don't know what's coming. I don't know where the rivalries are gonna be, when the stakes are gonna be made, where the mechanical faults are gonna occur - and to us [unpredictability] is at the heart of Grid. We're not a parade racing game where you slowly overtake - we want every race to feel different, every race to feel unpredictable, and for you to have fun racing, whether you finish first, tenth, or third."

What's more is that we also played the game in Cologne as well, and you can see various vehicles and their properties in the video below. Perhaps more important is the actual racing itself, which actually takes place on the world-famous Brands Hatch circuit.

Are you ready to get into gear with Grid?


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