Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Three new wonderful screenshots from Wonder Boy III

The decades-old platformer has never looked so good.

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The super ambitious, completely hand drawn and animated remake of the classic Sega title Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap is being developed by French studio Lizardcube, and it is looking fantastic. Three new screenshots have emerged of the game, showcasing it in all its modernised glory.

Wonder Boy III was originally released in 1989, so this remake of the game almost thirty years later is shaping up to be a welcome refresh. The hand drawn style gives completely new life to the game from what we've seen so far, opening up to a whole new audience, who've likely never heard of the game before.

The creator behind the game series in the late eightes, Ryuichi Nishizawa, is a consultant in the development process of this remake, and the website just gave us three new screenshots. You can check them out below, and see the beautiful visuals for yourself. Did you play the original?

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

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