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Titan Souls

Titan Souls is "two years worth of work" done in one

We touch base with Acid Nerve ahead of Titan Souls' release.

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We caught up with Acid Nerve's Mark Foster at PAX East to discuss the soon to be released the one HP, one arrow boss rush adventure that is Titan Souls. Development had just about wrapped up as the team were able to relax and enjoy people's reactions at PAX East.

"It's been a lot of fun," says Foster. "It's been a weird, wild adventure. We made a game in three days for Ludum Dare and then the next thing we knew we were at E3 showing it. We've been around the world at like Gamescom, PAX Prime, PAX East. It's just been an awesome time. It's been a year which is a pretty short development time as well. I think we probably did two years worth of work in one. But that's how it goes when you want to get something out like this and it's just been awesome."


Titan Souls is scheduled for release April 14 on PC, Mac and Linux, as well as PS4 and PS Vita (likely April 15 on PSN in Europe).

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