Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Today on GR Live: News + Bladestorm + FF Type-0 HD

There's plenty to see on today's livestream.

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Today on Gamereactor Live we're doing a grand total of three things. During the first hour we'll talk about the latest headlines in gaming - Nintendo mentioning their new console and heading to mobile, Hideo Kojima possibly leaving Konami and more. The second hour we'll play two games the recently released Bladestorm: Nightmare and Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD on PlayStation 4. Join us from 3:00pm (GMT) for two hours of livestreaming on the Gamereactor Live page.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HDScore

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

REVIEW. Written by Jonas Mäki

"We're glad we got to play it, but unfortunately the obvious age of the game makes it harder to enjoy."

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