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Tekken 7

Tokyo Tekken Masters postponed due to coronavirus

The latest big event to be cancelled due to the ongoing health crisis was due to take place in Japan.

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The world is on edge because of coronavirus (COVID-19) (you can follow the development of the outbreak right here if you want to know more) and many events and shows have been either cancelled or postponed because of possible health risks, and now we have another one to add to the growing list.

Bandai Namco has informed us via Twitter that the Tokyo Tekken Masters, which was due to take place from March 16-20, will be postponed until a later date. So at least the event is not cancelled and only postponed:

"With a heavy heart we want to inform you that Tokyo Tekken Masters will be postponed until a later date due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to monitor the situation closely."

More information about Tokyo Tekken Masters and the latest news about the postponement can be found right here.

Tekken 7

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