Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is amazing

Taken from the movie's set, the voice actor of Nate Drake, Nolan North was also spotted with the film star.

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Although its production has been troubled for a long time, the works on Uncharted's first big screen adaptation is finally in full swing. Recently, actor Tom Holland shared on Instagram the very first official photo that portrays him as the main protagonist of the series, Nathan Drake.

The resemblance to his videogame alter ego is astounding, and the role as a young Nathan Drake seems to fit him perfectly. If that wasn't enough, Nolan North, Nate Drake's voice actor in the video game saga, also shared some shots on social media from the Uncharted movie's set, which makes fans who feared lack of authenticity in this movie adaptation breathe a sigh of relief, as the actor who played the main character in four games was involved.

What do you think of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake?

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is amazing

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