Dragon Quest Builders 2

Tools and more detailed in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Discover the joys of agriculture as well as new tools.

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The official Dragon Quest site has just shared some new details about Dragon Quest Builders 2, and more specifically about its farming system.

Farming involves land that you will have to work with your companions if you're to bring it back to life. For that, you will have to use new mechanics related to agriculture. Simply put, after cleaning up an area of soil you'll need to install a scarecrow and that will be the signal to your fellow farmers that the plot needs to be cultivated. After little time and effort, the fruits of your labour can be harvested. Literally. By doing this the gratitude of the inhabitants of the island will increase, opening new building options to the player.

Also, as part of the intel drop we were presented with three new tools: the hammer, the gloves, and the Thirsty Pot. The hammer can be used as a weapon but it will inflict less damage. In return, it is able to destroy everything (in contrast to weapons which have their respective limits). The gloves allow you to move objects without having to destroy them - very useful during rearrangements. Finally the Thirsty Pot offers you the power to create a water source wherever you want and thus shape your own waterways.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is scheduled for release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on December 20 in Japan, meanwhile, the release date for Western regions remains unconfirmed.

Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Builders 2

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