Top 7 GRTV Shows of August

It's an article full of re-runs well worth checking out!

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We're back with another compilation of the best shows GRTV has to offer and as we look back at the bounty that August it's only natural that a big chunk of it came at Gamescom in Cologne.

7. Doom 3 BFG Edition
Tim Willits (id Software)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne, Germany August
Published: August 24

Anytime you get to talk to an industry legend like Tim Willits is a worthy candidate, but when he also elaborates on the role Tom Cruise played in naming the original Doom it makes it all the more special.


6. Tearaway
Mark Healey and David Smith (Media Molecule)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne, Germany August
Published: August 17

There were four lads from Media Molecule doing interviews at Gamescom, taking turns doing interviews in pairs. At first we were a little disappointed not to draw Alex Evans, who we've interviewed several times in the past, and Rex Crowle, the lead designer, but this interview with their colleagues Mark Healey and David Smith, proved every bit as exciting as we could have hoped for as we discussed papercraft, game design, and innovation.


5. PS3 and PS Vita at Gamescom
Jim Ryan (SCEE)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne, Germany August
Published: August 21

Sony are struggling a bit at the moment, finding it hard to be profitable in many of the different divisions that make up the corporation and the Playstation division is no exception. However, Sony's presence in Cologne was strong and their press conference presented us with several new and innovative games. In a secluded conference room we caught up with SCEE president Jim Ryan to discuss the state of Playstation, how to turn the Vita around, and more.


4. DayZ
Dean "Rocket" Hall (Bohemia Interactive)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne (August)
Published: August 27

Dean "Rocket" Hall rose to fame with the DayZ mod for Arma II, and hasn't looked back since. Now, he's heading a team at Bohemia who are working on turning the mod into a fully fledged standalone experience. In this relaxed chat with the New Zealander about his inspirations for DayZ and the plans for the new game we gained some new perspectives game design.


3. Rabbids Land Hands-On
Joel Gaudeul (Ubisoft)
Filmed: E3, Los Angeles (June)
Published: August 10

One of the last strugglers from our mammoth list of E3 content was this hands-on session with the skirt lifting mini-game in Rabbids Land. Next to the likes of interviews with some of the most influential figures in the industry it may seem insignificant, but nevertheless it's good for a laugh.


2. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Warren Spector (Junction Point)
Filmed: Gamescom, Cologne (August)
Published: August 28

Warren Spector is not only one of the most respected game designer on the planet, but he is also one of the most well spoken. It makes for a great interview and in this piece we brought you from Cologne you can witness his skills as he elegantly dances away from David Caballero's question about the possibility of Epic Mickey 2 making it out on Wii U.


1. The Last of Us
Jacob Minkoff (Naughty Dog)
Filmed: E3, Los Angeles (June)
Published: August 1

We actually held back on publishing this interview, because we wanted to give it a little extra care and attention. If you're a longtime visitor you may recall Jacob from our Uncharted 3: Among Thieves interview last summer, but since then he trimmed his mustasch took a long vacation in South America and resurfaced full of enthusiasm and ready to take on the challenge designing gameplay in a post apocalypse America.


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