Tornado Energy win's World of Tanks finals
World of Tanks

Tornado Energy win's World of Tanks finals

Moscow hosted the action, and Tornado came out on top.

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This past weekend saw's World of Tanks grand finals take place in Moscow, Russia, and although there were top teams from across the world present, there was to be only one winner - home team Tornado Energy.

The Russian side looked impressive throughout, qualifying top of their group with two wins and no losses, and continued that form into the quarter finals, beating out Natus Vincere G2A 7-3. They then faced Not So Serious in the semis, beating them by a larger margin on 7-2, before facing EU outfit Ding in the final, claiming the same score over them as well.

It should be noted that Ding also performed extremely well, however, also qualifying top of their group without a loss and sealing convincing wins against Elevate and Oops - The Tough Giraffes to get to the final. Do you think they could have won on a different day?

World of Tanks

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