Toronto Defiant promote Gods and Sharyk to main team

Both of these players have represented Contenders side Montreal Rebellion, and have now earned a place in the Overwatch League.

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Daniel 'Gods' Graeser and Normunds 'Sharyk' Faterins are Overwatch players that have made a name for themselves playing for the Montreal Rebellion Contenders team, and after their performance in 2019 they've earned themselves a place in the full Toronto Defiant roster.

This news was revealed on Twitter along with a short video, and it makes sense considering Rebellion is their development team to find new talent.

Defiant has a mixed record so far this year, holding a 7-7 record to put them in the middle of proceedings, so maybe this is enough to push them into more success as we approach Stage 3 of the 2019 season.

Do you like that these players have been given a chance?

Photo: Toronto Defiant

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