Toronto Esports Club drops Overwatch suddenly

This is due to a dispute with Blizzard over naming rights.

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Toronto Esports Club has been around in the Canadian city for a fair while now, establishing themselves as a big name in the Overwatch community, but it turns out that their presence within Blizzard's game will be ending, as they revealed in a recent tweet.

"We have been informed by Blizzard that we will be forced to remove "Toronto" from our brand in only 6 weeks. Mid Contenders season 3. The reason cited: @TorontoDefiant have purchased "exclusive naming rights". We will be leaving Overwatch effective immediately. Good riddance," the tweet reads.

When questioned as to why this was so sudden, Toronto Esports Club said that more details would be arriving in the coming days, and while they said they had no ill will towards the Toronto Defiant management, they did add:

"We have asked Blizzard to fully confirm that this is their stance. We aren't holding our breaths. We also feel they are displaying incompetence in developing a proper tier 2 talent development ecosystem."

Fortnite and CS:GO might be their next destination, as they explained, and they couldn't resist another dig when TEC said that they think these games "understand esports."

What do you make of this very sudden decision?

Photo: Toronto Defiant

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