Totem Teller

Totem Teller has the player going through countless stories

We talked glitch graphics, multiple narratives and dream-states with Grinning Pickle's creative director Ben Kerslake at GDC.

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At GDC, that took place in San Fransisco earlier this year, we got to go to the [email protected] event that was held where plenty of indies coming to Xbox One and PC were shown. One of the games on the show floor was Grinning Pickle's Totem Teller which has the player experiencing countless different stories as read in a book of fables.

We had a chat with Grinning Pickle's Ben Kerslake who is the creative director for the game and talked about the game's premise, its multiple narratives and the depth it holds within. Check out the interview down below.

Totem Teller

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