Trials land with Fortune & Glory update in Dauntless

The new season of the Hunt Pass kicks off this week as well, so there's plenty of new stuff to see in Phoenix Labs' RPG.

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Phoenix Labs has just released the first expansive content update for free-to-play RPG Dauntless on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and there are plenty of new features as part of the Fortune & Glory update, including the new Trials challenges.

These offer a new type of gameplay courtesy of Lady Luck, pitting Slayers against modified Behemoths and environmental challenges, like pests that can transform the terrain. There's a timer on each Trial, and Normal difficulty gives Slayers Steel Marks upon completion, which can be used to get rewards like weapon mods and special attacks. Completing these on Dauntless difficulty, however, provides Gilded Marks for exclusive cosmetic rewards.

The Wall of Champions outside Lady Luck's shop shows how you compare with others each week in terms of solo and group hunts, with Trials rotating weekly, so there's a competitive element as well.

The High Skies season starts in Dauntless with this update too, including two consecutive Hunt Passes, one with a pirate theme. There are 50 levels of content to unlock, from consumable to cosmetic rewards, and High Skies will continue later this summer.

Are you ready to face the Trials?


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"An enjoyable behemoth slaying co-op experience for those looking for a free-to-play alternative to what's out there."

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