Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana heroes have "specific and unique" relationships

We caught up with producers Masaru Oyamada and Shinichi Tatsuke once more, talking about the characters in particular.

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Back at E3 Trials of Mana producers Masaru Oyamada and Shinichi Tatsuke told us that the remake needs to deal with "idealised memories", and at Gamescom we actually caught up with the pair of them once again to hear about the RPG, which is coming on April 24 next year.

"Each of the characters does have a special and unique way of fighting," Oyamada explained via a translator when asked about the characters. "The game also incorporates a class-change system, which means that the further on you get into the game, the more differences you start to see between the characters, and by mid to late in the game I think you'll be seeing the way the characters fight can become quite varied."

"You have six very different protagonists, and depending on what iteration of the three protagonists you choose as you go through the story, not only do you have a different story, but each of these different characters have very specific and very unique relationships to one another. And this is of course something that we took from the original game too, but this time we've also delved further down into who they are as characters and developed them."

Does this sound like it can do the series justice?

Trials of Mana

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