Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana remake needed to deal with "idealised memories"

Producers Shinichi Tatsuke and Masaru Oyamada talked to us at E3 about the process of remaking the classic RPG.

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Trials of Mana was revealed by Square Enix at E3 this year, and during the Los Angeles event we actually got to talk with producers Shinichi Tatsuke and Masaru Oyamada about how they're remaking this classic RPG, and how they contended with nostalgia for the original.

"Yes, it was very difficult," Tatsuke said via a translator. "Of course sometimes we tend to idealise the memories we have of this pixelated art form, and so we kind of had to compete with these idealised memories as we remade these into a modern iteration."

"To be a little bit more specific, of course the two-dimensional art is flat, and so when we had to make that three-dimensional - whether for the cutscenes or the battles - some inconsistencies tended to arise, and so we needed to address those and in order to do so we added some lines of dialogue and text as well."

How do you think the remake looks so far?

Trials of ManaTrials of ManaTrials of Mana

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