Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana trailer shows off Hawkeye and Riesz

This is the last character introduction before the remake releases in April, showing two more heroes who can join the party.

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Square Enix has just released the last character introduction trailer for Trials of Mana before its release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 on April 24, and this is all about showing off the heroes Hawkeye and Riesz.

Hawkeye, first of all, is a young man from the fortress of Nevarl, home to noble thieves, while Riesz is a young princess from the kingdom of Laurent, acting as captain of the Amazon guard.

The trailer shows off gameplay for both of these characters, and to remind you, the game will tell the story of six heroes battling evil, with players selecting a part of three (all of which have "specific and unique" relationships).

The game was originally released in 1995 in Japan, but this is a full remake of the third entry in the Mana series, of course bringing updated visuals and gameplay with it.

Are you a fan of these two heroes?

Trials of Mana

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