Trove hits 15 million players, 2018 plans teased

Free-to-play voxel MMO does the business for Trion Worlds.

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Trove, the voxel-based MMO from Trion Worlds, has just hit a rather significant milestone, and now boasts an impressive 15 million registered players. The game first landed on PC before hitting consoles thereafter and has been supported by regular content drops since then (including November's Adventures expansion).

Trion also promises that there's more to come in 2018, with one expansion allowing "players to channel their inner hero, and another planned for later in the year that will change the Trove universe in an enormous way that no one will expect!"

The announcement also comes with a few fun stats, which you can read below:

6,584,382,807 Blocks Placed (almost the amount of kilometres from the Earth to Pluto!)
10,234,600,287 Blocks Destroyed (you all destroyed even more blocks than you built!)
237,203,112 Quests Completed
4,520,061 Dragon Mounts Unlocked
352,837,481 Clubs Entered
119,881,221 Piñata Parties Thrown
161,977,123.98 Lifetime Hours Across All Players
18,490.54 Lifetime Years Across All Players

If you want to know more about the game, you can read our review by heading this way.


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