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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

TT Games: "The game is all about the characters"

Game director Arthur Parsons talks up Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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We met up with game director Arthur Parsons from TT Games to chat about Lego Marvel Super Heroes in front of one of the most awesome displays of the entire show.


Speaking about what it's like working with Marvel on a game like this Parsons had the following to say:

"Working with Marvel is super exciting. We in the office are absolutely super pumped about it, cause it's stuff that, you know we're comic book geeks. Yes, we're game geeks, but we're comic book geeks, and so working with these guys is really good. But those guys are so creative and we bounce ideas back and forth. And they'd be like "why do you do this?" or "why do you add this?" and "would you include this character?". So it's a really creative process and those guys are being really, really helpful."

At the core of any Lego game are the playable characters, and it's hard to imagine a wider range than that afforded by the Marvel license.

"We're really, really focusing with Lego Marvel on the characters. The game is all about the characters. Whether it's one of the big lego characters like Hulk or whether in the Asgard level where there is characters like Human Torch. So Human Torch, he's Johnny Storm, he can flame on/flame off when he wants, he has the power of flight, he can use fireballs. That's really exciting. We've also got Wolverine, he's a character in this level. He's got his animal instincts. He can sniff out hidden things that most people can't see so we use that as a mechanic. And obviously he's got his claws, he's really cool with the claws."

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