Grand Theft Auto V

Turkish reporter mistakes GTA IV cheats for coup codes

Let's hope no-one got in trouble for jotting done some cheat cowdes.

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Recent events in Turkey have made people there anxious for obvious reasons. In this climate mistakes are easily made. A Turkish news reporter who happened to come across some cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto IV and mistook them for codes used in the coup. One can only speculate if it was purely ignorance or something more malicious.

Gawker reports on the piece of paper in question. This what it says:



I/ Health and Gun

II/Health and Armor"

The reporter said something in the lines of:

"This is how they communicate in secrets. Even though it says 'cheats,' health and gun, health and armor, weather, this were the things they used in the coup."

This is obviously not the first time news outlets have mistaken various things from video games as reality, and it certainly won't be the last.

Grand Theft Auto V

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