Ubisoft acquires Berlin-based developer Kolibri Games

Similar to the deal with Green Panda Games, the publishers can finalise a 100% buyout within four years.

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Ubisoft just recently announced that it would be acquiring a 75% share of Kolibri Games, a Berlin-based mobile game developer. The deal means to expand Ubisoft's presence in the realm of mobile gaming and services, and follows the similar deal struck with Parisian Green Panda Games last summer. As such, Ubisoft saves the chance to buy the remaining 25% of the company in the next four years.

Both Green Panda (Idle Roller Coaster, Idle Human, Idle Construction 3D) and Kolibri (Idle Miner Tycoon, Idle Factory Tycoon) have, as their titles indicate, released several successful incremental or idle games, also known as 'clickers', where the action takes place in the background and the player casually interacts every now and then. Idle Miner Tycoon, for example, has registered more than 100 million downloads since its original release in 2016.

The operation became effective as of January 31st and Ubisoft Mobile expects the addition to increase the revenue of the mobile gaming division in the years to come.

Do you play any incremental game on your phone?

Ubisoft acquires Berlin-based developer Kolibri Games

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