Roller Champions

Ubisoft announces new esports game Roller Champions

The new title gives off some Rocket League vibes in its debut trailer, and there's a pre-alpha demo available now.

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Roller Champions is an upcoming team-based PvP sports game that looks to capture the hype and excitement surrounding live sports and offer an experience that's just as fun to watch as it is to play. The presentation made bold claims of bringing something brand new to the table, although the footage on offer had undertones of Rocket League on skates.

The indoor arena with its giant, forcefield walls certainly gave off that same vibe too. The game looks to get off to a blistering pace, with cartoon characters skating around like madmen looking to score a goal.

The pre-alpha E3 demo is available to download now on PC via Uplay ahead of its full release in the near future.

Will you be looking at the Roller Champions alpha?

Roller ChampionsRoller ChampionsRoller ChampionsRoller Champions

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