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Monopoly Plus

Ubisoft is giving away Monopoly Plus this week

Those looking to play some digital board games will be able to do so for free as Ubisoft gives away Monopoly Plus for free.

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Ubisoft has been giving away games to their fans through Uplay for a while now. After Assassin's Creed II, this week it's Monopoly Plus's turn which is a fun party game for the whole family, inspired by the popular board game.

Monopoly Plus will be available for free until April 27 on Uplay and in this game players will be able to enjoy one or more games in this digital version of Monopoly, using three different and animated 3D boards. As they progress and invest in new and fascinating neighbourhoods with unique personalities, cities will evolve and grow accordingly. At the start of each game, they can choose one of the six official house rules selected by Monopoly fans around the world, or choose to play shorter games by selecting a new goal from among five special milestones.

Will you try Monopoly Plus?

Monopoly Plus

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