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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft shows new Steel Wave operators in action

New Rainbow Six: Siege operators Melusi and Ace have officially been revealed and they have some tricks up their sleeves.

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Last week, we reported on the leaked Rainbow Six: Siege character trailer, showing new defender Melusi and new attacker Ace off ahead of the overview trailer. While that was interesting enough, Ubisoft has now released the trailer all were waiting for where the developer goes through what's new and what the new operators bring to the table.

Melusi, for example, will make use of a gadget called the 'Banshee', which weakens the enemy operators through sound. Ace will, instead, make use of his 'S.E.L.M.A.', a travelling explosive device powerful enough to create operator-sized openings where there is none.

Apart from this, the House map has received a full rework and a new secondary gadget, the proximity alarm, has been added, making for a great defensive perk. Take a look at the trailer below or read more here.

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