Ubisoft will increase free-to-play focus, will reduce production of AAA titles per year

The publisher/developer will no longer aim to produced 3-4 AAA games per year.

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Ubisoft had their full-year earnings call late yesterday, and revealed some information about their strategy from now on, which we assume won't be appreciated by everybody. It turns out they will no longer strive to release 3-4 AAA titles each year, and also increase their free-to-play efforts. Ubisoft's chief financial officer Frederick Duguet explained:

"In line with the evolution of our high-quality line-up that is increasingly diverse, we are moving on from our prior comment regarding releasing 3-4 premium AAAs per year. It is indeed no longer a proper indication of our value creation dynamics. For example, our expectation for Just Dance and Riders Republic are consistent with some of the industry's AAA performers.

Additionally, we are building high-end free-to-play games to be trending towards AAA ambitions over the long-term. This is purely a financial communication evolution and doesn't change the fact that we continue to expect a high cadence of content delivery including powerful premium and free-to-play new releases."

Last week, Ubisoft announced the next installation in The Division series. It's called The Division: Heartland, and is a free-to-play title. And this is perhaps something we should expect more of in the future.

Ubisoft will increase free-to-play focus, will reduce production of AAA titles per year

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