Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Uchikoshi hopes to see Zero Escape on Nintendo Switch

The Japanese writer talks to Gamereactor about other creators and admits to having been "more tired of the existence of human beings than inspired".

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The Zero Escape trilogy is one of the very best visual novel/murder mystery series there is, and so far it can only be played in its entirety as "The Nonary Games" on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, or Steam for PC. Well, Nintendo 3DS is also possible as long as you own the original Nintendo DS game, but given the sequel and the final entry also released on the 3D-screen handheld, Nintendo fans have been wondering whether a Nintendo Switch port of the full trilogy as a single package might be in publisher Spike Chunsoft's cards. And it turns out, if it were series creator's call, it should as well happen.

"I hope that happens!", Kotaro Uchikoshi simply answered Gamereactor when asked if he thought the trilogy had any chance of releasing on the Switch. Of course, just a personal thought or hope, more so keeping in mind how successful his recent AI: The Somnium Files was on the system.

In our full interview, Uchikoshi-san goes much more in-depth about other topics, including his personal creative process for such complex plots, or the new multi-media approach Too Kyo Games is taking with new projects.

Yoko Taro, David Cage and being tired of humans

He also gets personal in terms of influences and inspiration. For example, when talking about mental health issues' representation in games, Uchikoshi thinks it'd be "unnatural for traditional video games to avoid such delicate problems", and that it'd be "nice to have video games like the movies of Kubrick, David Lynch, Ozu Yasujiro".

But what about other video game creators? While admitting he "honestly envies" titles such as Detroit: Become Human in terms of production values, Uchikoshi-san jokingly chooses Yoko Taro and David Cage as the ones he'd love to collab with, "but the collaboration means that I want to appear myself on their games as a character of Uchikosi".

The most interesting personal reflection, though, comes when talking about conspiracy theories as potential sources of inspiration (given secret organizations are usually part of his scenarios):

"I'd rather say recently I've been more tired of existence of human beings than inspired", Uchikoshi confesses when given some over the top examples such as Flat Earthers, climate change sceptics, or hardcore fans turned review bombers. "What the Flat Earth (I think it's almost a joke like Flying Spaghetti Monster) and harsh criticism by hardcore fans have in common is that the logic does not work, therefore, I think I feel something like a sense of futility, fatigue, and exhaustion. Once upon a time, there was power in "the ethically right thing", but now I think society has been becoming to prioritize emotion over logic. Of course, emotion is important, but I would say that the balance is lost. A society where ethic does not work, I wonder whether it's meaningful to weave words or not. What do you guys think?"

So, yeah, what do you guys think about this and the potential release of The Nonary Games on Switch?

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

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