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USA, Canada, and Finland show Overwatch World Cup rosters

Finland has decided its final roster, while USA and Canada have their shortlists ready at the moment.

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Overwatch World Cup rosters are coming in thick and fast, as teams like UK, France, China, and Sweden have shown off their shortlists ahead of the competition, and now Canada has done the same on Twitter.

Controversial (but popular) player xQc is on the team alongside Note, Surefour, Agilities, Bani, Crimzo, Chayne, Mouffin, Mangachu, Akaydia, Autumnsouls, and Zholik, so there's some famous Overwatch League faces in there.

This is the same with USA's shortlist as well, which has just been revealed. Overwatch League MVP nominee Sinatraa is here in the DPS role, joined by Danteh, Corey, KSF, and Hydration. As Tanks we have Muma, Super, FCTFCTN, and Space, while in Support there's Sleepy, Moth, and Rawkus.

Finland, however, has already decided its final seven-player roster, including LhCloudy, Zappis, Davin, RCK, Ricky, Masaa, and Shaz.

Which team looks strongest?

Photo: Blizzard

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