Valorant First Strike EU Finals Day One Rundown

Two teams are already heading home, as the first semi-final is set.

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The first day of the Valorant First Strike EU Finals has concluded. With two matches already down, we now know who has made the first semi-final, and who has already been eliminated.

Starting the tournament off, we saw a match-up between Team Liquid and Team Heretics that lasted the full duration and went to a map three. This game was actually a very close one, and pretty much always went down to the wire, as the two teams traded blows. Map one ended with a Heretics victory (13-7), map two was in favour of Liquid (13-10), and the decider, map three went to Heretics as well (15-13), meaning Liquid has been eliminated and Heretics will move to the semis.

The second match pitted G2 Esports against Orgless, and ended up being a 2-0 win for G2. The first map resulted in a 13-11 score line in favour of G2, with the second being 13-10. Even though the match never made it to a map three, this series was incredibly close also, and it does mean that Orgless has been eliminated, and that G2 will face off against Heretics in the first semi-final.

The last two quarters are set to take place later today, December 4, with SUMN FC taking on Purple Cobras first, before FunPlus Phoenix takes on nolpenki, where all four rosters will be fighting for a spot in the last semi-final.

To check out the action, head over to the Valorant Esports Twitch channel, when the games will begin at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET.

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