Valorant First Strike North America proved to be a huge success

Peaking at 300,000 viewers, the first major Riot organised esports event for its tactical-shooter was a big hit with fans.

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The Valorant First Strike tournament has concluded across the globe, with a whole bunch of teams taking home championships in their respective regions. We reported on the results of the EU Finals just yesterday, giving a rundown of what led Team Heretics to becoming the victors. Since then, the viewership numbers for the event has poured in, showing that EU clocked in over 100,000 viewers, but North America was a different beast.

The North American First Strike event landed over 300,000 viewers across its airing duration, from December 3 to December 6. A large portion of this can be attributed to the big name streamers who were partnered and allowed to co-stream the event, influencers such as Ninja and Myth.

With that being said, the event itself was also very entertaining, and seeing the revamped 100 Thieves line-up take out the powerhouse team of Sentinels, before taking down Team SoloMid and taking the championship was also a blast.

100 Thieves

Thanks, Dotesports.

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