Valorant Mobile gets official confirmation from Riot Games

Valorant Mobile gets official confirmation from Riot Games

Valorant has also managed to amass 14 million players per month since its launch one year ago.

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Ever since it launched in 2020, Valorant has become a massive hit among the tactical shooter genre. According to Riot, Valorant has amassed an average of more than 14 million players per month, which is a pretty substantial statistic since the game originally launched one year ago.

On the topic of the one year anniversary celebrations of the shooter, Riot has not only announced that it will be hosting a month-long event that gifts members of the community in-game rewards, but it has also confirmed its plans to expand Valorant into the mobile scene, with Valorant Mobile.

Unfortunately, aside from an official confirmation and the name, we don't have anything else to go by with this mobile version of the shooter, but the press release that revealed the information did state, "Riot now is preparing to expand the franchise - starting with VALORANT Mobile," which does seem to suggest that Valorant Mobile is just the beginning of Riot's plans with the title and its universe.

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