Valorant's ranked mode delayed due to spawn bug

The long-anticipated mode was teased to arrive sometime this week.

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Those looking to climb the competitive ladder in Valorant through ranked mode will have to remain patient, as a new game-breaking bug has been discovered delaying its release.

Game Director, Joe Ziegler, said on Twitter: " Update: bad news. We are investigating a reported issue in which players can every once in a while spawn in the opposing team's spawn point. We are actively trying to fix this and get it out as fast as possible, but will not turn on competitive until it is fixed."

The bug itself mentioned by Zielgler, does sound pretty potent, as landing in the opponent's spawn point can spell certain death for players if they find themselves caught off guard. The delay may come as a disappointment for some, but we can respect Riot Games for slamming on the breaks to iron out any issues that may crop up down the line.


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