Vancouver Titans are the Overwatch League Season 1 champs

They defeated the San Francisco Shock in the final to earn a bonus of $200,000 USD and become the first champions of this season.

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The first stage of the 2019 season of the Overwatch League has just wrapped up, and after the dust had settled and the playoffs concluded, the Vancouver Titans emerged victorious after a win over the San Francisco Shock at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, narrowing beating them 4-3 to earn a $200,000 USD bonus for their troubles.

The Shock still walked away with $100,000, and last year's overall finalists Philadelphia Fusion also got $50,000 for reaching the third/fourth bracket. The playoffs saw the top eight teams fight it out for supremacy to see who could prove themselves in this first part of the season, and it was the expansion team who showed their worth, beating Boston Uprising 3-0 and then Seoul Dynasty 4-0 to set up a match with Shock.

The season will resume with Stage 2 on April 4, with final standings taking Stage 1 into account, while Stage 2 resets the scores.

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Photo: Overwatch League

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