Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Vertigo added to competitive CS:GO matchmaking

Cobblestone is out, and Vertigo has some major changes to keep things fresh, including moving some features around.

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Those competitive CS:GO fans out there may have gotten used to seeing the Cobblestone map in action recently, but a new blog post reveals that this has been removed from competitive matchmaking, while Vertigo is instead coming in.

Speaking of Vertigo, this has also had some changes, as the CT entrance has been changed to mid so that the CTs (counter-terrorists) have a safer rotation between the sites. There are also other changes like updated soundscapes, smoother player collisions, and moving generator in the T (terrorist) spawn up to the second floor.

Overpass and Nuke have been moved to Defusal Group Delta with this update as well, with Cobblestone and Vertigo moving to Defusal Group Stigma.

For the smaller details on yesterday's update check the patch notes. Do you like Vertigo?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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