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Vesper is a new puzzle-platformer inspired by '90s classics

Deck13 Spotlight and Cordens Interactive today announced its debut platform puzzle, Vesper.

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Vesper is a new puzzle-platformer developed by the small Italian indie studio (they are only seven devs strong) and inspired by '90s platformers, with a focus on stealth mechanics and puzzles. The experience revolves around Seven, a small android, lost in a disturbing planet full of dangers and traces of an ancient civilization, who comes across the mysterious Drive Gun, a weapon used to absorb light, create darkness, and control minds.

Thanks to this device, Seven can absorb light from sources and create points of darkness in which to hide. It can also inject absorbed light into machinery, to open portals and activate deadly traps.

It looks like a very interesting game and if you want to learn more about Vesper, we recommend you take a look at the teaser trailer below. At the moment the game doesn't have a launch date, but its release is scheduled for 2021. Platforms have not yet been announced.


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