Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies (Ate My Neighbors) - Retro Gameplay

Is this the very first 'sandbox' zombie-survival? The power of the 16-bit Mega Drive and SNES consoles allowed LucasArts to create a somewhat open world experience, in which you, either alone or joining forces with a second player, had to survive among undead hordes while rescuing remaining living neighbors (including dogs and cheerleaders). As you can see in this gameplay clip, its 1993 graphics were really detailed but not too realistic, and had many nods to yesteryear's horror films. However, there were some who considered it too 'mature' and 'violent', and they went as far as censoring some stuff, even game title. Finally, as is now the norm with our latest Retro Gameplay clips, its MIDI music is nothing short of awesome. Take a look at the father of one of today's most popular genres.


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