The Crew

The Crew - Trials - Livestream Replay

This bi-weekly event will offer four unique Trials in Ubisoft's online racer, letting competitors take part in new missions for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. Today's show introduces the four Trials that'll form the individual competitions,how to get involved, and what you can stand to win if you post one of the top three scores by the time each Trial ends. Those prizes include: A free game, sponsored by Webhallen. A season pass for The Crew (PC, Xbox One or PS4). 50 % discount code to one game from the the Uplay store. Additionally to those individual Trial prizes, there'll also be a grand prize at the end of the event: a Thrustmaster Racing Wheel (Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel 458 for Xbox One or Thrustmaster T300RS for PS3, PS4 and PC) for one winner. You can check out more details at Gamereactor's dedicated Gamepedia for The Crew.

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