Vive Pro Eye is the first eye-tracking VR headset

This new headset allows for foveated rendering, meaning it will focus on increased resolution where you actually look and was just introduced at CES 2019.

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Other than several software-related announcements, HTC Vive revealed their brand-new, high-end virtual reality headset, the Vive Pro Eye, which will allow for foveated rendering for maximum performance, at their CES keynote last night.

Foveated rendering is a technique that saves resources by discriminating the parts of the image that don't need that much resolution or detail based on what the user is looking at, which is registered by eye-tracking technology. With this technique in place and those resources allocated elsewhere, the fidelity and clarity of the actually rendered picture could virtually take a quantum leap compared to current VR solutions.

GPU manufacturer Nvidia earlier announced a partnership with HTC to provide accelerated foveated rendering via the RTX lineup.

Besides the performance optimisation, and in terms of applications of the eye-tracking-based headset, HTC Vive talks about enhancing accessibility, for example allowing for "gaze-oriented menu navigation & removing the need for controllers", or making "better training simulations".

For now, the headset will be targeted for business-to-business rather than the consumer market. The Vive Pro Eye will release this spring.

Vive Pro Eye is the first eye-tracking VR headset
Vive Pro Eye is the first eye-tracking VR headset

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