Vogt-Roberts "fighting for" Metal Gear: The Animated Series

Metal Gear: The Animated Series would feature David Hayter and it'd "honour Shinkawa's art".

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Even though COVID-19 might have postponed the production of the Metal Gear Solid Movie, the active mind of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts sees the silver lining of the impasse as a chance to keep pitching another MGS production in parallel. It would be animated, to contrast with the live-action feature, it would pay tribute to the video game's artist, and it would feature some familiar voices. Here's how he explained all this to us during our Gamelab Live interview:

"In the meantime", Vogt-Robert says as the MGS movie is on hiatus, "I'm really advocating and fighting to try and get an animated series going with the original voice cast. Because there's so much love for people like David Hayter and his representation of Snake, and all of those characters from [Roy] Campbell to Otacon, to Wolf... all of those original voice actors brought so much to why people love them, and so I'm really advocating and trying to fight to get that done in conjunction with this live-action movie that we're doing. And hopefully, people see the value and the true excitement that could come from that, because I really do think that the Metal Gear world is big enough for... you can have these dual tracks, you can have a live-action thing and an animated thing going on at the same time in an art style that is cool and disruptive in its own way and honours a lot of [Yoji] Shinkawa's art and designs."

Would you like to see a Metal Gear Solid animated series? Would you prefer 3D or 2D comic/manganime-style? Leave a comment below and learn all about the MGS movie with our exclusive interview.

Vogt-Roberts "fighting for" Metal Gear: The Animated Series

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