War Child UK kits appear in FIFA 19

War Child UK kits appear in FIFA 19

There's also a War Child FC Steam sale too, applying discounts to various other sporting titles from the likes of 2K, Milestone, and more.

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War Child UK is currently running a War Child FC program to use football to support the lives of children living in conflict, and now FIFA 19 fans have a lot to get involved with, including an exclusive kit available right now as part of the Weekly Objectives on all platforms, letting players raise money for War Child.

This kit can be won by assisting five goals via through balls, with the away kit available by scoring five goals from crosses, and you can see the variants down below.

What's more is that a War Child FC Steam sale is now live as well, applying to plenty of sports titles from the likes of 2K, Techland, Focus Home Interactive, 505 Games, and Milestone, as you can see here.

Wayne Emanuel, Head of Gaming Partnerships at War Child UK, said: "We're blown away by the support we've received from across the games world for War Child FC, a brand-new programme connecting communities and bringing play to the lives of children in war. The language of football is uniting, perfectly represented in FIFA 19's popularity, giving us the ability to raise awareness of our cause. Every game and every player that takes part in some way this year makes a real difference."

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